Apply for Public Housing

At this time the Public Housing waitlist is closed

The federally funded Low-Rent Public Housing Program provides quality, affordable rental housing for families, seniors, and persons with disabilities at developments that are owned and managed by the Housing Authority. The agency owns and manages 25 public housing and tax credit developments around the city.

Pursuant to program requirements, residents typically pay about 30 percent of their annual adjusted income for rent. Utility allowances are provided for households residing in developments where tenants are responsible for their own utilities. All Public Housing rules and policies can be found in the Admissions & Continuing Occupancy Policy.  Please click here to view the ACOP.

Click here for a listing of the Housing Authority's Public Housing Communities, including the four senior communities.


Can I apply at the Houston Housing Authority's offices?

At this time the Public Housing waitlist is closed

The Houston Housing Authority is no longer accepting paper applications for public housing, at any of its sites or offices. Interested persons are able to submit applications only online, 24-hours a day.  

Applications can be completed by clicking here .

Once my application is submitted, can I check its status or make updates?

The Houston Housing Authority has implemented a secure, web-based Applicant Portal tool in an effort to better serve Public Housing applicants currently on its program wait list. The portal allows applicants to access and update their waiting list status information. Click here to login.

What if I don't have Internet?

The Houston Housing Authority coordinate with the City of Houston and Harris County libraries, which provides public access to computers with internet to help anyone without home internet to access the application. If necessary, the application website can be accessed through a smartphone as well. 

For assistance, individuals with disabilities may contact the 504/ADA Administrator at 713-260-0353 TTY 713-260-0547 or

The waitlist remains open for HHA preferences, as appropiate.