Resident Councils

Each public housing development has a governing body, the Resident Council. Members are elected by residents to perform a number of tasks, including planning events and activities, fund raising, addressing resident concerns and coordination with Houston Housing Authority staff and community service providers.

The individual Resident Council President collectively makes up the agency's Council of Development Presidents (CDP). The CDP meets monthly to discuss resident issues and concerns, get updates from Housing Authority staff and other planning activities.

The Houston Housing Authority provides Resident Council officers with training to help ensure that the councils are well governed and adhere to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's requirements for council membership.

2014 Resident Council Presidents

Bellerive 7225 Bellerive, Houston, TX 77036
President Elbert Robertson
Clayton Homes  1919 Runnels, Houston, TX 77003 
President Carolyn Morrow
Cuney Homes 3260 Truxillo, Houston, TX 77004
President Vacant
Ewing Apts 1815 Ewing, Houston, TX 77004 
President Condon Trotter
Forest Green 8945 Forest Hollow, Houston, TX 77078
President  Bobbie Figures
Fulton Village 3300 Elser St., Houston, TX  77009
President  Chiquita Dexter
Heatherbrook 2000 Tidwell, Houston, TX 77093
President  Vacant
HOAPV 1600 Allen Parkway, Houston, TX 77019 
President  Mae Farrow
Irvinton Village 2901 Fulton, Houston, TX 77009
President  Shelia Smith
Kelly Village 3118 Green, Houston, TX 77020
President  Michael Jones
Kennedy Place 3100 Gillespie, Houston, TX 77020
President  Kevin D. Braxton
Lincoln Park 790 W Little York, Houston, TX 77091
President  Charlie Stephens
Long Drive 6767 Long Drive, Houston, TX 77087
President  Linda Blue
Lyerly 75 Lyerly, Houston, TX 77022 
President  Willie Gabriel
Oxford Place 605 Berry Rd., Houston, TX 77022
President  Phillis Wilson
Telephone Rd 6000 Telephone Rd., Houston, TX 77087 
President  Ulis Watson Jr.
Victory Place  1520 Bailey, Houston, TX 77019 
President  Vanesa Banks
Wilmington House 4110 Wilmington, Houston, TX 77051
President  Anna Gary